Eloujn - Anything delivered, anytime!
Anything delivered, anytime!

Order Anything

Eloujn is the only delivery platform in Canada that allows you to deliver anything at anytime! Customers may request a delivery contractor to purchase item(s) up to $100 per transaction or have a delivery person pick up an item and deliver it to anyone in the Greater Vancouver area.

Deliver By Any Method

Delivery contractors can drive, bike, or walk their deliveries.

Almost Anytime

Customers may request delivered at all hours, except from 3 am to 6 am.

Your Choice

Customers choose when, what and how an item is delivered. Delivery contractors have the choice of accepting or declining any delivery.

Urgent jobs given priority

Customers have the option of designating a delivery request as urgent.

Flexible Deliveries

Customers can request a delivery at any time. Delivery contractors can create their own schedules based on their availability.

How much?

Customers are provided with an estimated charge. Delivery contractors are notified of their estimated earnings.

Get exactly what you need

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What is Eloujn?

Eloujn is a delivery platform that delivers almost anything in Greater Vancouver.

Want to deliver? The app lets you work for yourself and maintain a flexible schedule. Sign up today and earn up to $30 per hour.

If independent contractors are delivering using a vehicle, it is their responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate insurance coverage to do so.
  • Simple usablility
  • User focused
  • Flexible schedule
  • Infinite possibilities
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